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Impact on Campus Planning

By Barbara White Bryson and Leila R. Kamal
May 28, 2020

Barbara White Bryson Leila R. Kamal

What does the Covid-19 pandemic mean to the future of higher education, institutions, facilities and campuses? Data informs. Bigger may not be better. Flexibility and adaptability are key. Corridors of higher education echo only with the memories of student laughter and faculty debates. Occasionally, a lone researcher will stoically wheel a piece of equipment past empty conference rooms and classrooms, but no crack of the bat, no squeak of the sneaker, and no cheer of the crowds disturb university sports fields, stadiums, arenas, or recreation centers. Almost every office in every building across vast college and university campuses in the U.S. is unoccupied.  … READ FULL ARTICLE

Self perform on steroids

Self-Perform On Steroids

By Stacy Scopano
A systematic approach to integrated design, construction, manufacturing and strategic partnerships. … READ FULL ARTICLE

A dialogue with Katerra

A Dialogue With Katerra

By Craig Curtis
Craig Curtis speaks on supply chains, scale, platforms and mass customization in a design-quality-focused organization. Katerra has a rare position in the A/E/C marketplace as a vertically integrated company …

Market Expectations in a New Normal

Market Expectations in a “New Normal”

By Ken Sanders

Rapid-response and long-term strategies require granular, client focus. Opportunities abound. Ken Sanders shares post-pandemic market thinking. My first suggestion is not to have a broad expectation about future volume and backlog. COVID-19 is an unprecedented …

Closing Loops Cross Discipline Research - Wicked Problems and Valued Futures

Closing Loops Cross Discipline Research: Wicked Problems and Valued Futures

By Renée Cheng

Renée Cheng was recently named dean of the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. She spoke with DesignIntelligence about AEC industry challenges …

Towards A Redilient Way

Towards A Resilient Way

By Dave Gilmore

In challenging times, being connected is more important than ever. Relationally, we bounce back. Resilience is a matter of time in the recovery and functional relevance of an organization.Everything, when it is as it should be, is connected. All nature is designed to be connected. This vast network of interconnectedness …

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