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Interdependent Relationships

by Dave Gilmore
September 23, 2021

Dave Gilmore

DI’s Dave Gilmore examines the essence of mutual dependence in sustained social and business contexts.

5 min read

2021 Environmental Responsibility

2021 Environmental Responsibility


Bringing disparate parties together requires both listening to and hearing the other, and somewhere in the exchange, common threads will emerge. Make no mistake about it - this is hard and emotionally draining work. It calls for the best of each to let go of the worst of each.

Threading the Needle of Opportunity, Sharon Egretta Sutton

Threading the Needle of Opportunity

September 20, 2021
In this eight-decade personal reflection, Dr. Sharon Egretta Sutton, FAIA, recounts the interplay of obstacles and opportunities she experienced — and offers advice for professional inclusion
9 min read

Diversity of thought with a common purpose

Learning to Listen

September 13, 2021
Multiple Perspectives Enhance the Design Process

It’s been a year and a half like no other – a time when the closure of many offices and workplaces due to COVID-19 signaled a new era of working from home. As we begin to emerge from isolation, undoubtedly there will be personal lessons to share.
8 min read

Diversity of thought with a common purpose

Diversity of Thought, with a Common Purpose

September 8, 2021
An essay by Jim Anderson of DIALOG.

DIALOG is a design practice that is rooted in and works across Canada. While large geographically, Canada is actually fairly small by any other measure—yet Canadians are diverse and have a wide-ranging perspective. Even though our regions are sparsely populated, we have our regional differences.
6 min read

Inclusive Interdependence in the Health Care Context

Inclusive Interdependence in the Health Care Context

August 31, 2021
What exactly does inclusive interdependence mean? Google (via Oxford Languages) defines these terms as:

Inclusive, or inclusivity: not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something.”
Interdependence: the dependence of two or more people or things on each other.”

Seems the same, right? Not quite …
9 min read

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