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Bob Fisher, Editor-at-Large, DesignIntelligence

Design in a Post-Virus World

DesignIntelligence Foresight Perspectives

by Michael LeFevre

In response to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we share our thoughts and reactions with the greater DesignIntelligence community. We are focused on research publications and content that make a difference in helping our clients and partners makes sense of a rapidly changing personal, professional, and broader world. On behalf of the DesignIntelligence Editorial Board, we offer these perspectives to bound and unleash your thinking and posture you for survival and leaps forward.

The myth among many firms is that they are too small to do research

We believe helping our clients anticipate and prepare for possible future scenarios is a worthwhile endeavor. To understand the impact, we include a snapshot vision of a possible future – key focus areas in a post-virus world for the built environment industry.

We share these leverage points after assessing the growing impact of the coronavirus pandemic – key areas for consideration for leaders and practitioners in the built environment industry. We asked DI board members and regular editorial contributors to offer rapid-response reactions for use by the DesignIntelligence and Design Futures Council communities. In their current form, these essays and opinions are not peer-reviewed whitepapers - they are the collective viewpoints of more than two centuries of industry experience and observation during change events.

We hope that they help you – and that you will connect with us to share your perspectives.

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